Pyynikki Observatory (FIN-RUS)

We decided to have our 8th meeting in Pyynikki Observatory, I wanted Julia to try the traditional munkki (doughnut) which they sell there. This day was quite popular and we had to queue long time, but those munkki’s are worth of it.

We went up to the tower and I showed some things from the city to Julia.  I showed churches, named lakes, showed directions to places which she already knows. The weather was nice even it wasn’t sunny day, views were good and we could see far.

After that visit we walked together to the center of Tampere and talked about cultural things, mostly about religion. I am not religious, but religion is an interesting topic to talk about. We discussed about differences between our  versions of the same Christian religion. Most of Russians are Orthodox and most of Finns are Lutheran. It feels so crazy to have same substances including same god and saints, but still many rules and traditions are so much different. It is so interesting to learn about Russian culture!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage (remember) to take a good picture to add to the blog post. But if you want to know how it looks like on top of the observatory tower, you should go and see our beautiful city from there! And remember munkki!

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