Enjoy Japanese Homemade Food

This time, we agreed that I cooked Japanese homemade dishes for Bo and Pan. They’ve eaten Japanese food at some restaurants here in Finland and China, and as a matter of fact it was a first time for them to have kind of real Japanese food which Japanese make. So, I felt responsible for making it because the dishes I made would be idea of Japanese homemade food for them.

I made pork cutlet which is called とんかつ(Tonkatsu) in Japanese, Nikujaga and some fried vegetable.

Tonkatsu are tender deep-fried pork cutlets served Japanese style. It is thick pork cutlets breaded with flour, egg, and panko (bread crumbs), and then deep fried in oil. There are many Tonkatsu specialty restaurants in Japan, so I think it is quite popular for people from different countries as well. On the other hand, Nikujaga is a very popular kind of nimono which is simmered food with thinly sliced beef, potato, carrot, and onion, and soy sauce, sugar and alcohol for condiments. It was hard to get thinly sliced beef here, so I used minced pork instead of it. Nikujaga is really popular homemade food so you can hardly find it at restaurants. Bo was interested in it and he asked me how to make it. I was glad he was interested in Japanese food and I thought it was good to make it.

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