Sauna visit: meeting 7 (Dutch-Chinese group)

6 April, 2019

On this day I went to the sauna together with all the Chinese students. We met up at the Lapinkaari student building and walked together to the Kaupinojan public sauna. During this walk I had an interesting talk with Changling about the EU and its open borders, and even learned that China and Serbia have sort of a same visa free situation.

The sauna itself was fun. It was not my first time though, as I had been to the same sauna three times before. During the sauna I also had a nice talk with Huaicheng. He told me that not specifically sauna’s are popular in his region, public baths are popular. However, this does not really apply to the whole of China he told. It is still an interesting difference between China and the Netherlands as I do not know of any public baths as he explained in the Netherlands.

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