Chinese and Dutch, traditional festival

When it is come to the traditional festival of China and Dutch, they both have something in common and differernt range from ways of celebration and cuisine,tales and meaning of that for  them. For example, there has king’s day in  dutch which is king’s birthday(also can be changed to another day for celebrating) that is one of the biggest festival event, and even have the second birthday celcebration show for tourists. But, it cannot be happen in china due to there is no king in modern china.

We all celebrite festival for some reasons, more specific, the foundation of festival for reasons,maybe religional things or to memorize some important events. We all spend time with family members on spring new years for chinese, on christmas for dutch, and both served ourselve good,hearty food. In addition, most important  sutch festival are relate to religion and drinking is a matter part on that festival while different food offered for different festival,like mooncake, sweet dumplings and so on.


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