CHN-NED/Traditional Festivals


This Friday, we met at a cafe near Ryan’s apartment and had a talk about trational festivals of tewo countries. It was a real sunny day and I felt quite cozy when I enjoyed the sunshine and coffee.

First, we talked about Chinese festivals and the food for each festivals.

1.Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)-Dumplings-the first of the first lunar month

2. Spring Lantern Festival -Sweet dumplings-the night of the 15th of the first lunar month

3. Qingming Festival-no special food,but in memory of the dead-Usually on 4th April

4. Dragon-boat Festival-Zongzi-In memory of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan-the fifth of the fifth lunar month

5. Mid-autumn Festival-Mooncake-To celebrate the harvest- the 15th of the eighth lunar month

Then we talked about Dutch famous festivals. And their festivals much more related to religions.

The most important festival is Chritmas and they normally gather together with their families. At the day, everybody doesn’t work, thus you have to serve yourselves. And a big pan will be placed on the middle of the table. Their new year is based on the solar calender that is different from ours. Their King’s Day really attracted me because the birthday of the king can be changed for tourism. For example, the real birthday of king is in winter, but tourists don’t like that season, so the king was given a second birthday during summer which is mainly for tourists.Another Flower Festivals interested me a lot. I totally wantt to enjoy the sea of flowers and Netherland is also famous for its tulip.  By the way, they even hhave a festival for DJ and on that day, all the DJ fans will come to Netherland to do a music celebration.

I was very happy to talk these with our Dutch friends, because I won’t get this chance if I didnt choose this course. It is really nice!


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