Reliving our latest meeting in last May.

For some reason my blog post was long lost in the cyber world so I will write it again as good as I remember. On 14th of May it was a really sunny day in Tampere. We had talked about a million times of that we should get some ice cream from the little ice cream stands because Teresa hadn’t yet bought any ice cream from them. After that we went to Koskipuisto to have a little picnic and listened to music. First I tried to find a good Spanish songs from Spotifys top 50 in Spain until I realized that in Spain also they love to listen 95% of music that comes from the States. So then we just shuffled  through all the Spanish songs from the top lists from the States, Spain and Finland. We went through songs like Casper Magico & co – Te Bote and Teresa helped me with some words that I weren’t too familiar with.  For example:

te bote = eliminate

quedaste = stay

arranca = pull away

tocar fondo = touch the bottom

After that we shuffled a lot through different songs and then concentrated again on a song from Daddy Yankee called Dura. There was also some words I didn’t understand like:

te fuiste de nivel = you are on a different level

brilla = sparkle

la máquina =  a machine

poderosa = super food

escandalosa = loud

After these two really played songs in Finland Teresa asked if she could play something she likes and is mostly popular in Spain. And of course it was ok! So we listened to a song called Lo Malo from Aútana Ocana and Ana Guerra. And we went through yet again of all the words I wasn’t too familiar with.

salir = go out

no mas fingir = no more pretending

colgar = leave alone, turn off the phone

no hay vuelta atrás = it’s gone

tira porque te toca = throw the dice because it’s your turn

perder = lose

ya gane = I won

me quite = delete

toca = touch

rabiar = make somebody mad

fijar = look

dentro = inside

podrido = not eatable, a dead flower

After playing many more songs and talking this and that and enjoying the weather we had to leave to our other errands. We said goodbye to each other because Teresa was going back to Spain soon. We already planned that I should visit her next in Cordoba, Spain. And someday I most definitely will!

To our next meeting!

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