Church, cafe and park (FIN-RUS)

Today was our 9th meeting and it was quite multiple. First we met front of Tampereen Tuomiokirkko, because Julia wanted to see it. In my opinion it is the most beautiful church in this city. We were there and discussed a bit about religion, Hugo Simberg’s art (the artist who has done paintings in that church) and what church does with donations. Orthodox and Lutheran churches look very different.


After the church we went to a small and cozy cafe called Runo. It is one of my favorite cafes here, because it is so small and nice and not too full of people. We had some coffee and cakes. Julia told me that in Russia they have Easter now, one week after our Easter. We were talking about Easter foods and traditions and I learnt a lot about them.

We had my kids with us, so after cafe we went to Pikkukakkonen park. Kids could play and we could have more peace to talk. Julia gave me a small Russian book written for kids and told me that it will be easy to read. In that park I tried to translate 2 of the stories from the book. It was hard, but nice. She helped me a lot. Some words were diminutives from words which basic form I have only learnt and some words were completely new to me. The funniest thing in the book was crocodiles who loved to eat rubber boots. I like the book, but it is a bit too hard to me even it is meant for kids. Anyways, good opportunity to study more.

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