Meeting 8 Festivals and hoidays


We met in the cafe located in the city center and enjoyed the sunshine and tea. In China our festivals origin from some folk tale and our families will gather together and eat some traditional food. Well, the Dutch festivals seem to be more modern and Christian.

Chinese festivals, we told them a lot, but the most interesting thing is the secret about Chinese new year. We young Chinese actually did not play lion dance and  only some elder guys knew how to do it. But our government want to protect it,the government have a fund to encourage people to learn it.

Dutch festivals are cooler than ours. Like music festival, Dutch has lots of Music festival during the year around the all country.Lots of famous Dutch DJ will come back their motherland and join in the festivals.Especially in the summer, people are always join the music festival and drink a lot. The other interesting festival is the king’s day to celebrate the King ‘s birthday, people will all wear in orange and go to the bar , drink a lot.

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