Friday the 15th of March, Meeting to see the sunset in Pispala. our Second meeting (FR-GR)

We decided to go see the sunset in Pispala and maybe drink something there in the famous coffee shop.
We planned a meeting near Lappinkkari and we went by bus to Pispala. It took us approximatively 20 minutes to get there.
The weather was great! It was still very sunny and warm even though it was around 7 pm. It already smelled like spring.

When we got off the bus there, we didn’t really know where to go, so we just walked down some streets trying to find a good spot to see the sunset.

After some wondering in the streets, we finally found the coffee shop and we got in.
We ordered pastries and drinks. Franziska took a cinnamon roll and a cup of tea. I took a piece of carrot cake and a glass of iced tea.
We agreed that both were delicious and we started our “language training”.

The theme of the meeting was “ordering food”.

I first started by telling her how we said cake, pie, piece of, strawberry, raspberry, apple, tea, iced tea, coffee, I would like to have/I’ll have/I’ll take.

More or less the proper way to order food in French, to sum up.

She did the same for me in German.

We also spoke about the traditional meal from our country and agreed to cook things for each other in the next meetings.

We finally got out of the coffee shop and found a good spot to see the sunset. It was a beautiful sight as you can see in the picture.

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