Monday, the First of April 2019. Sauna night. Our third meeting (FR-GR)

For our third meeting, we went to the public sauna located in Rauhaniemie together.

We learned the days of the week, the months of the year and the number up to 20.

We even did a hard exercise: after the sauna, we had to count up to 20 in the other one’s language in the frozen lake. We had to do the right pronunciation and couldn’t skip any number. It was only if we did it right that we could get out of the lake. It might seem kind of sadistic but it was actually pretty fun.

I also learnt during that meeting that public saunas are quite a thing in Germany. You can find them in every public swimming pool and you might even find them with different themes.

It was a really fun evening and we got to see a beautiful sunset.


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