Sara Hilden Art Museum (FIN/RUS)

Today was our last meeting in Each-One-Teach-One. Julia wanted to see the Sara Hilden Art Museum. I was very open to the idea because the ongoing exhibition of Kiki Smith was interesting. It is modern art and Julia told me that she hasn’t seen modern art before, because in Russia they usually prefer traditional art.

After the art museum we walked to center to have a coffee in Kaffila. I am now studying a web course of Russian Business Culture and there I found that religious miracles are somehow big thing in Russian culture. I asked about if from Julia and she was so kind that she provided me a small presentation about them. I learnt some new things about meanings of icons and what does they mean to Russians, especially religious ones. She told me things which I didn’t learn in elementary school’s religion classes. We both are not religious but somehow we have ended up talking a lot about the differences between our churches. In the end it is quite interesting topic to talk about because they are very different.

We maybe will meet one more time before Julia returns back to Russia, but it will already be out from these EOTO studies, so this will be my last blog post. I am also planning a trip to Moscow in summer. If it happens, we will meet there again. Here is couple of pictures from the exhibit.

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