With varying cultures, there are different common sense

This time we met at UTA cafeteria and talked a little. I realized many cultural differences between us so far and I encountered one thing this time as well.

In last post, I mentioned differences about way of thinking for time. New discover regarding time was that differences about how to decide schedule. Japanese prefer securing schedule beforehand and carrying out according to it. I’m typical Japanese at this point so I want to decide date, time and place in advance, and fill up my calendar. On the other hand, Chinese tend to hate making plans and it is fine to fix them depend on relationship and convenience, which means they are easygoing and big-heart more. Before knowing this national personality, I was kind of frustrated because they often change date and time for example just before 1 hour of meeting time. For me it is impolite behavior and making plan preliminarily and following it are natural. So, this time I thought if the culture is different, common sense is also different. If the culture and manners are different, feelings of which it makes a mutual concession are needed. That’s especially why we must discuss, understand and respect each other when we communicate with people who have different culture.

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