Saturday, The 6th of April, walking by the lake. Our sixth meeting. (FR-GR)

Franziska and I met by the lake. The weather was so good. It was very sunny and bright. We decided to sit on a bench by the lake.

We decided for that meeting to only focus on the French language. I asked Franziska what she wanted to learn and what topic she wanted to discuss.

She made up her mind on the time, to begin with.

So I started to explain to her the way to tell the time in French.

She remembered some sentences she learnt last year in her French class.

She really got it quickly and was able to translate correctly almost every exercise I imagined for her.

We also focused on pronunciation. Some sounds are difficult to make for her because they don’t exist in German and so she isn’t used to them.

For example, we have a lot of “nasal” sounds that can look like each other but are slightly different. It can be really difficult to feel the difference between them for a beginner when it is not your mother tongue.

Almost every exercise that we did was oral. And yet, the French spelling is also really tricky.

After telling the time, I told her the words and sentences related to the weather.

We also talked about some piece of clothing. And she made some sentences to say what she was wearing using the right “determinant”. There is no other way to use them correctly than just learn them by heart.

We focused on the pronunciation for that exercise because she remembered some words from last year but not every one of them exactly.

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