Sunday, The 14th of April. Pyynikin tower. Our eight meeting. (FR-GR)

Franziska and I went to the Pyynikin tower together. It was the first time for me. The weather was really good so we decided first to go to the top of the tower and then to eat a doughnut downstairs.

The coffee shop was crowded, however the tower was completely empty. The weather was so good that we decided to stay on top of it for 20 minutes, discuss and enjoy the wonderful view.

We talked about our plans for the summer. I told her that I was planning to go to Germany so we discussed about the most beautiful cities that I had to see. She is originally from the South so she recommended me to go there.

Then, we went down and ate the famous doughnut with hot chocolate. During that time I recommended w several cities that she had to visit if she goes to Belgium.



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