Tuesday, the 2nd of April. Dinner together. Our fourth meeting. (FR-GR)

For our fourth meeting, Franziska suggested to make me some traditional German dinner.

We decided to meet at my apartment because I had the kitchen only for me and it was easier.

We first ate some “soup” with a base of onions, a vegetable broth and some sort of crouton called, which was from the home town of Franziska.

It was really good and remind me of an Austrian dish that I tasted 8 years ago.

Then, the main dish was also German. It was based with lentils, carrots, water, butter & flour, spices and some frankfurters.

It was really good even though it doesn’t really seem tempting when you see it.

It was quicker than I thought it would be. I was surprised that a lentil-based meal was a traditional German dish. I thought that lentils came from South America. When I asked why to Franziska, she told me that the very lentils that we ate were actually from her home town and that German lentils exist. It seemed to be a famous thing in the south of Germany.

We finished our evening by translating some food-related word in both French and German.

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