Wednesday, the 3rd of April. The Sky bar. Our fifth meeting (FR-GR)

For our fifth meeting, we went to get a drink in the sky bar in the Torni tower.

We sat next to the main window where we could see the sunset.

For that meeting, we decided to focus on German culture. I asked Franziska to tell me about her home country.

I was interested in comparing it with my country and see the resemblances between them. Part of the culture in Belgium is related to German culture.

She told me about the most famous sports in Germany: football and ski jumping. I was surprised because I wouldn’t have thought of ski jumping. I thought it was something that comes from Asia because lots of champions are actually from Japan.

We also spoke about the Oktoberfest, where it did come from, how it is celebrated, the costumes, …

It was really interesting and it made me want to travel to Germany.


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