Fifth meeting

For the fourth meeting, we decided to go on a stroll through Stockmann since there was a sales campaign going on. During the meeting, we looked at the different products they had on sale and discussed about those. Since there are quite a lot of clothes on sale, we ended up talking quite a bit about fashion in both of our home countries and I taught my pair names of items of clothing in Finnish. We also got a good look at some well-known Finnish design brands such as Marimekko, Iittala and of course, the beloved Moomins. I gave short insights about each brand as we took a look at some of their products available. We also took some time to explore the book section, which then brought up discussion about stuff like cooking, history of Finland and more. All in all, it was very nice afternoon spent, even if neither of us found any good bargains at the end of the day.

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