Seventh meeting

Sixth meeting was quite a special one, because we decided to go to the Moomin museum in Tampere-talo. We found out there would be a free-of-charge entrance day to the museum and decided to take advantage of that. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take any pictures in the museum, so there won’t be any attached to the post. The experience was new also to me, because despite having lived in Tampere for some time now, I haven’t  visited the museum before. It really felt like an adventure since neither of us knew anything about it beforehand 😀 The museum has two floors, in which both there are some cool miniatures about scenes in the original books and in the bottom floor you were able to even watch the series on a cozy sofa.

During the meeting I told about the Moomins as a franchise, as well as the author Tove Jansson and shared the Finnish names for the different creatures seen in the museum. We sparked some very insightful conversation, not only about Moomins but entertainment industry and cartoons in general. We sat down and watched a little piece of the animated series as well, and tried to find out if you could watch it somewhere on the internet with english subtitles. The tour around the museum was amazing, and both enjoyed it greatly. After that, we stopped by the souvenier shop that was filled with all kinds of cute Moomin themed goodies. I ended up purchasing two new mugs, and my pair got some sweet postcards as a memoir of the visit. All in all, a very nice way of spend a meeting. I can definitely recommend the Moomin museum to anyone!

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