The ninth meeting. The Party

This time we decided to have a party together. We met for predrinks, played some card games and just drinking games. I explained how the play “The Fool” the most popular russian game in whole country, i guess. It was so much fun, because the rules are a bit tricky and it might be hard in the beginning. Later in the night we decided to go to Ratina, but it was expensive as always and they have only put on some spanish songs which was a bit annoying. Thought i really like the balcony that they have where you can go outside to get some fresh air if you want.

We danced for some time and then we got pretty tired and bored and decided it’s time to go home. Vanessa went to Pinja and I went to Lapinkaari, but we had a really nice conversation on the way back, so the night was great overall.

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