How to count number in Chinese

We had much time to meet this time so we decided to talk online. This time I learned how to count big number in Chinese. We use mostly same characters but pronunciation and system counting number are different. Here are things I learned today:

一百 -100 (in Japanese, we omit 一, just 百)
一百一(十) -110 (in Japanese. it means 101 which makes me confused)
Eg. 这件衣服的价钱太贵了。(This cloth is very expensive.)
  ―多少钱?(How much is it?)
  ―一百八。(180 kuai)
一百零一 -101
一千一 -1100
一千零一十 -1010
一千零一 -1001

It is difficult for me to distinguish which number I can omit or which number I have to put because we have different way of counting. But today’s leaning was helpful, I can use them when I go shopping and also often use number in dairy basis.

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