International party and the last meeting FIN-RUS

Our last meeting with Selina in the framework of “EOTO course” was in the international party, as here were guys from China and Nederland all together we told a lot about differences:

  • we started with cuisine, because Menglin cooked the best chinese dumplings!!! oh, how I miss Chinese cuisine and want to repeat in now 😀 and
  • we finished with the difference in education system in Finland-China-Nederland-Russia.

So, as a result of the course, I whole-heartedly want to thank teachers, who create this platform-course for exchanging knowledge, cultures and thoughts! It broadens all horizons: start with language and finish with cultural habits.

I was SO HAPPY that I was in the pair with Selina, she is SO INTERESTING person, she gave me a lot of unusual thoughts, and we always were on the same wave! We have a lot in common – point of views, both teachers, like learning languages and running! So coooool!

For now, with all my confidence I could say that we will contunue to meet till I should come back to Russia and we will keep in touch. Selina told me that she wants to go to Russia to Baikal, now we both have friend from that region and who knows, but I feel it in my bones that we will go hiking to Baikal together! (ok, that’s my small dream now :D)

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