[KOR-FIN] #10 : Vappu picnic

Sadly, the day has come when Korean students, who are exchange students, have to leave. Most of us leave for another country or go back to Korea in May, and it was really sad that we can not meet Kiia anymore. We decided to keep in touch with each other even after we said goodbye in Finland. This activity with Kiia and other Korean students allowed us to have a deep understanding of each other and a great affection for Korea and Finland.

The Vappu Festival celebrates May Day in Finland, and it is a festival not only for students but also for all generations. In Tampere, TUT freshmen are dipping into the river for a performance and many student organizations plan various student events such as picnic, karaoke and so on. We settled on the lawn near TampereTalo, and Finnish students gathered with their high school graduation hats, department uniforms. We didn’t play particular games together, but we had a good time sitting on a mat and talking and drinking until nightfall. I have another special memory that I will never forget.

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