[KOR-FIN] #3 : Dumpling event – Chinese new year’s day

Finland has a community for Chinese students, which hosts an annual Chinese New Year’s Day event. There is no Chinese student in our group, but Korea also has a new year’s day in similar period so that we participated in the event. Together we had an interesting experience, making dumpling dough and filling. Kiia, who has never made dumplings before, and we who made dumplings only when we were young, made all different shapes of dumplings, but the taste was all delicious.

In particular, Chinese students brought a lot of Chinese sauces, we explained about the sauces to each other and talked about the foods Finnish people eat on holidays. In Finland, Christmas is almost the biggest holiday, and I found out that with the exception of May Day, Finnish people spend time with their family rather than having a big event on each holiday.

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