[KOR-FIN] #4 : Cafe Pussti

This activity was at Cafe Pussti. The cafe is near the Linna building, and very famous for delicious cinnamon rolls. We, who learned in class that cinnamon roll is one of Finland’s traditional foods, headed to Cafe pussti with Kiia. Kiia said that unlike other countries’ cinnamon roll, Finland’s cinnamon roll is large in palm size and features a spice called Cardamon. The taste of cinnamon roll was fantastic, as we heard. We finally said, “Let’s make our own cinnamon roll next time.”

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite Finnish bread. I don’t think I eat this bread for dinner in Finland, either, but I bought these at Lidl or from a market and ate it at meals. Since we came to the cafe, we learned how to order in Finnish and practiced ordering in person. It was a great time.

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