[KOR-FIN] #5 : Bar Korean – Finnish card game

The fact that Finnish people like drinking is quite well-known. Since Koreans loved alcohol as much as Finnish, we couldn’t miss drinking activity in our plan. So we went to the bar near the school. It was mainly a beer bar, but I drank water because I didn’t drink, and other friends drank beer. In the bar, we learned that beer is ‘Olut’ in Finnish and that ‘I like to drink beer’ is ‘Pidän oluesta’ in Finnish.

In addition, we made Korean and Finnish word cards and played word games. First, we wrote the words commonly used in our daily life. Those who want to win this game have to collect as much as cards when the host calls the word. So if someone wants to win, he has to memorize many words and be fast. Through this game, we could learn and memorize words in a fun way.

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