[KOR-FIN] #6 : Tea time and Hyo-Jin’s room in Lapinkaari

Last time we got together in Flat of Kiia, this time we gathered together in Lapinkaari, where most Korean students live. For Kiia, who first came to Lapinkaraari, we all went around Lapinkaraari and introduced her to the public kitchen, the gym, and our room. We gathered in the common kitchen and had tea time together.

During the Tea time, we talked about Korean music and Finnish music that we have been interested in. Kiia was a huge fan of Korean singer Tablo, and she even bought a concert ticket since Tablo had a concert schedule in Helsinki. We talked about Korea’s hip-hop culture, K-pop culture, and how Gangnam Style became well – known in Finland.

According to Kiia, clubs in Finland had Gangnam style every day when the Gangnam style was popular, and when the Gangnam style came out, people climbed up to the table and danced. It was surprising that Korean music was popular even from Finland, a country that required to get 10 hours by plane. We also got to know some Finnish music, which we all like and shared a list.

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