[KOR-FIN] #7 : Game in Lapinkaari & Korean food

This activity is also held in Lapinkaraari like the last meeting. This time, Kiia invited a special guest, a friend of the same major as Kiia. We all played Finnish card games together, with some Finnish words written on the cards and a handwritten English translation written by Kiia next to them.

Originally, if someone with a card explaining the word, others have to guess it, but since we were not good at Finnish, we proceeded to play the game first in English and learned the word in Finnish. Through this game, we were able to learn many pretty words such as “star” in Finnish ‘tähti’, and “moon” as “kuu.”

After playing the game, we were hungry and cooked Korean food, fried rice and red pepper paste samgyeopsal together. It was more fun and delicious to be with friends of Kiia and Kiia. Next, we also made a plan to take time to make Finnish food.

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