[KOR-FIN] #9 : Reindeer & many food in Kiia flat

This activity was especially special. Because we ate reindeer meat at Kiia’s house. She is from Lapland,  Rovaniemi. Just last month we went on a Lapland tour through ESN so that we all had a basic knowledge of Lapland. Reindeer meat is actually quite expensive also in Lapland, so when we went to Lapland, we only had a reindeer burger. But thankfully, Kiia cooked for us for several hours to make a reindeer stew. I brought Korean potato salad and shared it with them. Korean potato salad is similar to Mash potato, unlike the Finnish one. “Hotteok,” which made by another Korean student, is a typical winter snack in Korea, and Kiia really liked it. After eating together, I learned that ‘Noni’ and ‘Noniin’ have a variety of uses while watching Finnish stand-up comedies.

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