KOR-FIN | The 1st meeting

The first meeting was in TAMK. Our Finnish friend Kiia wanted to learn Korean. She already knew some Korean artists. She even had a Korean travel guidebook! Beginning with pronouncing the contents of the guidebook, we had a brief time to learn about each other’s language. Kiia taught us the kind of snow we see most in Finland. For example, Roska, Lumi, Lumisade, Hanki, Kinos..

After we finished introducing each other and learning simple words, we made some plans about when we would meet and what things to do together.

We talked about these kinds of things.

The places where we will meet :

  1. Watching Korean Tv show ‘Welcome ! First time in Korea’ – Finnish episode
  2. Finnish Museum of history
  3. International Food day – Finnish & Korean
  4. Let’s learn F-pop & K-pop !
  5. Challenge Salmiyaaki, 불닭볶음면 (Korean the most spicy noodle)
  6. Korean sauna stuffs in Finland Sauna
  7. Ice hockey
  8. Watching E-sports (Overwatch)
  9. Finnish Restaurant
  10. Korean Barbecue in Finnish cottage


To be honest, I didn’t think there would be anyone interested in Korea in Finland, but I was so surprised to have Kiia, and I’m looking forward to further activities.


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