KOR-FIN | The 2nd meeting

The 2nd meeting


Today, we watched a Korean TV show on Kiah’s flat. The TV program, ‘Welcome, is your first time in Korea-Finnish episode”, is very popular in Korea. It is about a Finnish man who lives in Korea inviting his Finnish friends who never been Korea to Korea and traveling together. In fact, both Kiia and Korean, including me, have already seen this episode, but watching it together was a very different and exciting experience. When I watched TV shows in Korea alone, I only watched it from the perspective of Koreans. But after living in Finland for a month, I can get a better understanding of them. If I meet Finnish people in Korea after I go back to Korea, I can be a good guide cause I know the differences and commons between Korea and Finland. In addition, I learned about the exclamation ‘oi’ that the Finnish people frequently use, and the fact that the song inserted into the program was an old Finnish song.

Through today’s activity, I have come to realize that the deeper I get to know a culture, the better I can understand them, and the more I can see the same situation from various perspectives.




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