KOR-FIN | The 3rd meeting

Today, we participated in Chines New Year’s Day event which is organized by Chinese students association. Because Korea also has a new year’s day, I think this is a good opportunity for introducing our tradition even though it’s not exactly the same with China. We made dumpling together and talked about each other’s holidays. Kiia said, in Finland, Christmas and the Mayday are the biggest holidays.

It’s not a big surprise that Christmas is a big holiday, but it’s new that Mayday is a big holiday. Because Koreans don’t think of MayDay as a big holiday. But in Finland, Mayday is also called Wappu, and it is a very big day with many events.

Interesting at the same time, I wondered whether Mayday was a big holiday or not, because different countries have different perceptions of working? Or is Finland more balanced than Korea? After came to Finland, I have seen lots of stores closing early. And it makes me wonder about working culture – hours, condition, environment etc.. – in Finland. And now I found out there is Wappu in Finland, so I thought I should learn more about the working culture in Finland.


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