KOR-FIN | The 4th meeting

Today, we went to Cafe Pussti together. I heard that the Cafe Pussti has a really good cinnamon roll. And after I tried it, I knew it’s true! And today, a new friend joined us. He is also Finnish and he is studying in Korea as an exchange student! Even the university he is studying at is near my home university. He was pretty good at speaking Korean. He’s from Tampere not like Kiia, so he recommended us lots of good places that we can visit. One of the places is Siipiveikko which is selling hot wings. It’s a funny name. ‘Siipi’ means wing and ‘Veikko’ means mate. So it means wing mate!

Also, I learned some words and their pronunciation today. And I realized that Y sound and A with dots, and O with dots are too hard to pronounce for me! Cause Korean letters don’t have this kind of sound. I thought I should more practice.

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