KOR-FIN | The 8th meeting

Today, we went to a Korean food party. We found it on the application ‘Meetup’. The host is Crystal who loves Korean culture and food. I thought it is a good opportunity for Kiia to eat various Korean food and also she can meet other people who are interested in Korea in Tampere! I cooked some Korean potato pancakes and other Korean make Kimchi pancake, hot chilly wings. And Kiia brought a traditional dessert of Lapland called Kampanisut.  Besides, I was very surprised to find that there were foods that tasted similar to Korean food even though they were not made by Koreans. After having dinner together, we played a Korean drinking game together with Korean drinks.

Today was an amazing day because I didn’t know there would be so many people interested in Korea. Whenever I have this kind of experience, I think that I want to introduce Korea better as a Korean and try to make a better image of Korea.


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