KOR-FIN | The 9th meeting

Today we gathered in Kiia’s house and had dinner together. We made Kampanisut and Korean Hoddeok and tried reindeer soup which Kiia made! She said it took three hours to make the soup rich. Its taste is similar to beef but a little bit different. I heard that Reindeer meat is not that cheap even in Rovaniemi, so I was so thankful to Kiia. After having dinner, we talked about a lot of things from music to history. Kiia introduced a Finnish old song “Olen suomalainen” sang by Kari Tapio. When I listened to it at first, it’s so funny cause, in Korea, we also have songs which have a similar style with “Olen suomalainen”. Regardless of the country, the emotions of the times seemed to be similar.

Another interesting thing was about housing. In Korea, high deposit and high monthly rent fee are required but the condition of the house is poor compared to the price. There is no exception for students. Rather, students have not enough money to pay for high rent, so most of the students get a part-time job or help from their parents. But in Finland, it’s better cause it offered students a good flat with a low deposit and rent.  Personally, everyone thinks buying stuff in Finland or living in Finland is expensive (compared to South or Eastern Europe), but after living for more than four months, I felt it is easier to live Finland with less money than Seoul.

I really wondered. What makes these differences between Finland and Korea? Over time, there are so many things that I want to learn in Finland..


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