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the 10th blog

It is like a goodbye meeting. we did not learn too much, but at least we learn how can we said goodbye in Finnish.

how can we say goodbye in Finnish






if we meet a friend whom i haven’t seen for a long time

we can say mitä kuuluu? it means how are you.

the 9th blog

we learn some basic sentences, like Mika paiva tanaan on?

Tanaan on maanantai, tiistai, keskiviiko, torstai, perjantai, lauantai, sunnuntai.

we aslo learn how can we order the drink






vinna ja mehua- vodka with juice

lonkero- longdrink

the 8th blog

we had BBQ with Dutch-Chinese group, that was nice. we enjoyed the food a lot, our group with their group have a good connection.

(photoes from Dutch-chinese group)

some words I learned

barbeque- grilli



delicious- herkullinen


the 7th blog

in this meeting, we had a very traditional chinese dinner together with (Dutch-chinese ) group together, we had some dumpilings, it is a very chinese traditional dish, and it is amazing. 

we learned some new things

hyvää ruokahalua- enjoy your meal, in chinese it is chi hao he hao.

ruoka- food, peruna- one potato, kasi perunaa two potatoes, inkiuääri- giner,katkarapu-shrimp

The 6th blog

we learned some interesting Finnish sentences

potkaista tyhj(something failed)

hymyill kuin naantalin aurinko(someone looks very happy)

A funny moment, we saw some snail cans in K-market, and snail this word in Finnish looks very similar Estonia, our finnish teammate is originally from Estonia, so we just ask her, do you eat snail?  after she knew that we were misunderstood, she explain to us, we laughed a lot, that was so funny.

the 5th blog

we went to a lake, it is saimaajarvi, we went there to feel the finnish nature things. As we all know that Finnish nature things are always amzing, sunset, leke, anmials. we hearded that we can see some anmials in that area, such as deers , but at that day, we did not meet some animals. That was nice.

Here are some Finnish words I learnt,




sunshine- auringonvalo

the 4th blog

we went to Vappu festival, that was so amzing. I really like it, just saw some students they were dipping in the lake, I was a bit shocked, because the weather is cold at that day.

here are some phases I learnt

hyvää vappu, happy vappu festival

hyvää huomenta, hyvää paiva it good morming and have a nice day in finnish. In chinese it is zaoshang hao, zhu ni you hao de yi tian, we taught them.

the third blog

in this meeting, we learnt some dessert in finnish, like mammi, pasha, and blueburry pie. There are a lot of blueburry in Finland, and the taste is very good, so blueburry pie is also amazing,  and it is exported to many countries every years. I hearded that mammi is a special dessert for Easter.

the second meeting

we had a japanese buffet at insudemo, we talked about some different food culture between china and Finland, that’s interesting, my finnish teammate she does not eat raw fish, because she is afriad of parasite, and we chinese people eat some animals’ feet and internal organs,she was so shocked. Anyway, that was a very nice lunch together.


some new  words about sushi restaurant -porkkana-carro 萝卜, Tonnikala sushi- tuna sushi 吞拿鱼寿司,Etikka-viniger 醋, Riisi-Rice

the first meeting

we had first meeting,  we learnt some basic Finnish words.

Ruoka-food, kala-Fish, kana-chiken, Sipuli-onion, Paaruoka-Main food, Tomaatti-tomato, sieni-mushroom, Kurkku-cucumber, rapu-crab, juusto-cheese, kerma-cream, milk-maito, cake-kakku, mainsikka-strawberry, mustikka-blueberry, vadelma-rape, suklla-chocolate, banaani-banana, kinkku-ham, pekoni-bergen, muna-egg