1st Korea&Japan Each one teach one Meet-up(28.9.2019)

Korea & Japan each one teach one group is consist with Haruno & Masako from Japan, and me, Ppippi(my nickname!) from South Korea. Every time, people ask me which one I from btw South or North, but I really want to see who from North, and of course u either. It would be really hard to see person who from North Korea. So if someone say they are from Korea, 99.9% of the time, it would be from South.

We all live in Hervanta so we meet inmiddle, Haruno’s house. As u know food is most good thing to band each other(cause eating is most important).

So for first meet-up we aim to make Onigiri and miyeokguk(seaweed soup).  Spontaneously Rosa and Min also join together, and Rosa saw amazing Bibimbap picture just before so we decided to make Bibimbap too.

Actually that was awesome decision. Bibimbap is really handeful food, like if I want to put vegetable topping, I need to cook it for seperately. That means we need to cook 6-10 dishes just for one bibimbap. That’s why I never gonna try to make it by myself,  but we are now 5 people >-<. So it was quite easy to prepare ingredients. We made awesome bibimabap(8 topping!!), onigiri, and miyeokguk within 2 hours. What a awesome teamwork.

This is bibimbap, Korea traditional food. There is rice under the vegetable topping. the middle part is chilly pepper paste fried with seitan. And other vegetable topping is bean sprout, zucchini, stirred radish and long onion with soy bean paste-soy sauce combination , dried egg plant with soy sauce, onion, mushroom, and finally carrot. Traditional bibimbap topings are cooked with different ways.  So we are.

making traditional food

This is Onigiri, Japanese traditional food. Haruno and Masako are craftman to make onigiri! Usually we need sticky rice, or it dosen’t shape well. But two of them make it with out sticky rice. It was really honor to

And finally Miyeokguk(Seeweed soup), traditional Korean food.  Traditionally we eat miyeokguk at birthday. Because seaweed is good for mother who give it a birth before. Our ancient didn’t know the chemical and nutritional fact, but it really figure it out it’s good for who have rack of blood, lack of B12, and who live in higher level of natural radioactive. So it make sense mother eat miyeokguk when they give a birth. Also it’s good for vegan and vegetarian, who woory about B12. I love miyeokguk, so I usually eat it in usual day too. So I don’t woory about B12.

After we finish our meal, we saw ‘Persona’, Korean netflix original. I highjly recommend to see it.  It’s 4 episode made by different director, same main actress who is famous in Korea. U can find differences of perspective of director, and style of movie. Also u can see diverse scenery like countryside, heritage, and city in Korea with in 2 hour. It was lovely, and fulfill moment. Happy to be together!

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