First Meeting German-Austria-Spanish

As a first meeting we decided for the first time to go to my apartment , i thought i would be perfect because I am living with a lot of exchange students and we needed a good atmosphere; as a spoiler the meeting was perfect , a success .

We thought that the best way to know a culture , it is sometimes with a good plate from your home country . I made some Spanish omelettes and my mates  some German Frikadellen. Meanwhile we were learning/teaching food vocabulary and how to made the food .It was pretty funny , the Spanish omelette have like a movement for do it , and they were so afraid at first, but now they are experts , maybe better than me  . It was pretty different from a normal experience in a class , because i will always remember all they teach me and it was more practical .Also I asked some people from South America to come, to see the difference in some words ,expressions ,accent between all the different countries with Spanish, as they did with German.

I definitely learn to be more confident with my German skills , i refresh my vocabulary and the most important , the people. For sure i will learn a lot of things with them , enjoying all the time . Looking forward the next meeting .

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