EST-GER meeting// Cafe & Travels

For our next EST/GER meeting, we arranged a meet-up at a cafe. We chatted about our weeks and school life. Later on we opened one of the triggers and talked extensively about our travelling experiences. For the trigger we had to translate 10 travelling related questions to German and talk about them. I tried to translate them myself at first, however my language partner helped along and fixed my mistakes.

My language partner thankfully was willing to speak his mother language the whole meeting. When I didn’t understand, he said the same sentence slower in German and then finally translated it to English. This time I was more relaxed and willing to speak in German myself. I was dreadfully afraid of having a bad accent, however my language partner said that in Germany there are so many different accents, that sometimes it’s even difficult to understand a German. That made me feel more confident.

I also taught my language partner how to introduce himself in Estonian. Since he has already studied a bit of Finnish, he was surprised how similar the languages are. The only letter that is different is õ, however he was able to copy the sound very well.

I feel like the meeting was a success and I was able to study new words and revise the words I had already forgotten.

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