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Tampere city tour with English-Finnish group

First meeting with our English-Finnish group was a city tour in Tampere. Weather was like Finnish autumn was expected to be; cold wind and occasional rain, but we were prepared for that with. We started our trip at Koskipuisto, which is a nice park in the city centre, very famialiar for Finnish students. I was surprised to see flowers there still blooming despite cold nights!

While crossing a bridge over the Tammerkoski, we saw pieces of history of an industrial Tampere, old red-tile buildings of Tampella and Finlayson. This is Finland – promised land of Engineers.

Our main target was Kauppahalli, a market hall founded in 1901. We spent there a while looking and naming items and discussing mostly about food. New words for me, for example, was ‘yeast’ and ‘perch’.

My personal goal for these meetings is to learn to speak and understand spoken English better, and to get comfortable with it. This meeting worked fine for that purpose, only short silent moment was when we were eating pastries we bought from Kauppahalli.

The first meeting in school library

Participants: Guorong Cai, Siping Zheng, Monika 

Aim: Guorong and Siping learn Bulgarian from 1 to 5 and some phonetic symbol and Monika Chinese from 1 to 5, hello, thank you and some tones.

Time: 19:00-20:00, one hour 

This is our first meeting to know each other, Monika come from Bulgaria and I and Siping come from China. Because Siping is my classmate so we are familiar with each other, Monika is our new friend, she is very pretty and friendly.

In this meeting, we teach Monika how to write and speak Chinese, such as hello, thank you , from 1 to 5. Monika teaches us how to write and speak Bulgarian, just from 1 to 5 and some phonetic symbol.

I remember that firstly we teach Monika what is the Chinese Pinyin, but we know if Monika learn Chinese Pinyin and it will spend lots of time, maybe all the each one teach one time. So after we discussed with each other, we give up this plan and make a new plan.

Although I am a Chinese but I also not good at tones and Pinyin, so we just teach Monika some words using in our daily live.


This picture is our notes that we learned in this meeting.





This one is my notes and I am very glad that

I can learn Bulgarian it’s so amazing.

Cooking estonian food!

On Sunday we got together at my language partners place. I decided to cook something that has been my childhood favourite dish – buckwheat and cottage cheese. I also brought some Estonian chocolate with kama and found that Prisma sells an Estonian based kohuke  (curd snack). During cooking we exchanged some famous songs from each of our countries.

Hearing my language partner and his flatmates speak German to me was very exciting, since I haven’t practised it for ages. I was surprised at how much I understood, even though sometimes the meaning of the texts arrived to me a bit late. I was too scared to answer in German myself this time. I could tell that my accent would be horrible. However, I have decided to at least try and speak German on our next meet-up.

To my language partner I taught the Estonian names of the food we had (tatar, kohuke, kama). However mainly we talked about our culture differences and some common grounds. We even managed to slightly cover such topics as politics and religion. I got to ask questions about some things my German teacher in school had taught and to check their accuracy. Listening to our countries songs anyway, I got a chance to also introduce my country’s anthem and translate it. I also introduced a massive event – Estonia’s Song Festival, which has held a special place in the hearts of Estonians and also touched the hearts of some foreigners.

I definitely learnt to be more confident in my German skills and step out of my comfort zone. I also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the uniquenesses of Germans and their culture.


This picture depicts the Estonian curd snack called kohuke. 
(The picture is taken from flickr: 

First FinGer meeting

The first meeting
The Finnish-German team decided on a pub called “Kivenheitto” as an appropriate place for a meeting on 12th September at 12:15. Kivenheitto opens at 12 o´clock everyday and can be visited until 24 o´clock; on weekends even longer. The atmosphere is relaxing & cosy, which is shaped by much space underlined with comfortable places to sit. The pub offers food and (non-)alcoholic drinks with affordable prices and discounts for students.
The group used this ambience to discuss further actions for the “each one teach one” course. With that, the team clarified goals, expectations, desired information, spoke about the pre-plan, gathered ideas for meetings and settled other organisational matters. Also, it was important to get to know each other and see, whether the team can work together or not. It turned out, that every member is very lovely, so the course experience will be a delightful ride. During the meeting, the Finnish side gave their best to introduce some Finnish basics and pronunciations, which is hard to learn even from native speakers.
Because of upcoming school courses, the meeting was completed with the way to TAMK and pleasant chatting in the meantime.

First Meeting of our Spanish, Austrian and German Group

Our first Each one teach one meeting was a success. We met at Guillermos place to cook together. At the begin we just tried to get to know each other and talked in English. After a small introduction with the first Spanish/German phrases, we started cooking. We made a Spanish Omelette and German Frikadellen. While we prepared the typical dishes we had a lot of fun and taught each other the names of the ingredients. The best part of the meeting was the tasting. For that, a Peruvian and Hungarian girl joint us and we experienced some differences between proper Spanish and South American Spanish.

In conclusion I can say that I learnt how to cook a Spanish Omelette and refreshed some vocabulary at this meeting. But the most important thing is, that I met really nice people, with whom it will be a pleasure to meet more often!