EST-GER// Cooking German food!

This time we met at mine to make a German sandwich dish called Strammer Max. The dish was very easy to make and tasted great. My language partner said that this is a dish Germans usually eat when people come and help you move out. I enjoyed it a lot.

Before we met I wrote down my favourite travel destinations in Germany for a trigger. On our meeting I asked my partner to check out these destinations and name I few recommendations himself.  Turned out most of the destinations I picked were in the South of Germany. My language partner is from the North of Germany, so I got a few recommendations where to go in the North too. For example he suggested to go to Pullman City which is a recreation of a Western Town (cowboys, country music etc). From then on we talked about how many states, islands our countries have and what our countries look like on a map. I told my language partner about our 2222 islands and that we have the longest ice road in Europe.

Although I thought I had learnt about Germany and its states in school, a lot was entirely new for me. I also learnt that Bavaria is the equivalent to Bayern. I had thought they were two different states.

Pildiotsingu strammer max tulemus

Picture represents a Strammer Max. From Wikipedia.

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