1st meeting FIN-ENG: City tour + market hall

Thursday 19th of September – First meeting – City tour and visiting Kauppahalli

After school we met at Koskipuisto. And there we have our first Finnish word: puisto (park). We started off with a city walk and because Matti has been living here for 8 years, he knows a lot about the city and its history. He told about the old factory buildings, for example the Tampella building where they used to make heavy industry machines like locomotives. When we were walking we could already see some leaves that were turning yellow and red, and in Finnish there is a word for this: Ruska.

After this we went to the Kauppahalli (market hall). We strolled through the market and looked at the products in the stalls. We saw stalls that had liha (meat) and kala (fish) and we had a look at all the fresh fruits and vegetables. They sold some small Finnish omenat (apples), Matti told us that a lot of people have their own fruit tree in their garden, but because there’s so much fruit coming from these trees, people sometimes put a bucket of apples at their house so people can take some if they want.

Matti was talking to the woman behind the counter from the fruit and vegetable stand and when we we’re leaving she said ‘kiitti!’. Apparently this means ‘thanks’, a little bit more casual than ‘kiitos’. Matti then also taught us the translation for ‘you’re welcome’ which is ‘ole hyvä’. These were some basic words that I wanted to learn, so It’s nice that I can start using these. I also found out that pronunciation is often not very hard because it’s pronounced exactly as it’s written. But remembering all these new words will be challenging. Finnish is very different from Dutch and there are very few similarities. Other languages from this area like Swedish and Norwegian are often easier to understand because it has some similarities. However, Finnish is apparently a very logical language but I think I first have to learn more about it to see the logic in it.

We bought some pastries at one of the many bakeries and sat down. We talked about some differences that Hollie and I experienced while staying in Finland. For example, how popular the summer cottages are in Finland and that almost every family one owns. How convenient the drying racks above the sink are, and about the overalls that the students wear. Apparently when two people are in a relationship, they both cut of one of the legs of the overall and then sew it to the overall from the other person.

We then continued our walk through the city but unfortunately it started raining. But it was nice exploring the city today and learn some new Finnish words.

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