2nd meeting FIN-ENG: Playing games at Kumma

Wednesday 2nd of October – Second meeting – Chilling and playing games at Kumma

On this rainy afternoon we decided to go to Kumma, a very nice bar in the city center where you can also play all kinds of board games. On our first meeting we talked about playing ‘Alias’, and it was there so we could play it. It’s basically a game where you have to describe words to each other, without saying the word that is on the card. The player who has to guess the words has to get as many correct answers as possible in 30 seconds. Hollie and I used the google translate app on our phones to translate the Finish words on the cards and then we tried to describe them. So we learned some really interesting new words, like ‘luuranko’ (skeleton) ‘morsian’ (bride), joki (river), musta (black), vastaus (answer). At the previous meeting I experienced that it’s hard to recognize words in Finnish because they are so unique. The only word that I recognized on the card without using the translation app was lentoasema (airport). Talking about words, Matti told us about a really long Finish word: lento-kone-suihku-turbiini-moottori-apu-mekaanikko-ali-upseeri-oppilas, which means something like plane gas turbine motor junior mechanic non-commissioned officer in training. I don’t think there is any other language I know that has words this long. I learned that Finnish is a language where you can easily make compound words by putting smaller words together until they stick to each other, forming one larger word.

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