EST – GER, The 1st meeting

On our first meeting we sat down in the cafeteria of the TAMK and got to know each other. We introduced ourselves and talked a lot about experiences in Finland that we made so far. I told her everything that I did know so far about Estonia and she told me everything she knew so far about Germany. We also discussed our expectations for the future meet ups and how to achieve it. It turns out that she is already able to speak a few words in German and understands nearly everything. From then on we agreed that I will only try to talk German to her so she can improve her language skills. We also came up with the idea to watch a movie on one of the next meetings that she already knows but that got translated into German and I could help her if she is missing a few words. This is a great opportunity since there is nearly everything synchronized in Germany. At the end we compared our schedules to find a new opportunity for the next meetups and talked about what we could do.

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