The second meeting -in the restaurant

Members: Monika, Guorong Cai, Siping Zheng.

Date: 9.10.2019

Tine: 16:00-20:00

About this time, after discussion we decide that the place is in the restaurant, because when we finished learning, we can learn about each other while eating. Monika, Siping Zheng and I all like eating sushi, so we chose a sushi restaurant.

We learn a lot of words but it’s also basic words, however I am proud of myself for I know how to introduce myself in Bulgarian. Az sym Guorong Cai (Jane).

I also learn those words:

Hello- Zdrasti

How are you-Kak si

I am fine – dobre

and you- A ti 

Thank you- Mersi

Good morning- dobro utro

Good afternoon- dobar den

Good night – Leka nosht 

Good bey- Chao

You are welcome-Za nishto 


No- ne

We also teach Monika how to say those words in Chinese, about lasted two hours, and then we start eating until about 20:00. During this time we also talk about some stuffs  that we are interested, like our hometown, where I live, how about our major and so on. It’s wonderful time for me.



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