EST – GER, 4th meeting

This time we met up at her place and it was my turn to cook something. Therefore, I showed her a traditional German meal called Strammer Max. It’s basically just bread with fried ham and a fried egg on top. Really simple and liked around German people and I she enjoyed it as well!

While cooking she showed me all her favorite travel destinations in Germany and I was actually really surprised by not only the amount of locations but also by the nice looks of some places. It seems like I have to start travelling around Germany more as well… But still, I was able to add a few places to her list as well, especially some from further up north since this is my origin.

But she also showed me a few places from Estonia such as the incredible high number of islands and even an ice road that is supposed to be the biggest in Europe or I guess pretty much the whole world except Antarctica and a few places in northern America. Still really impressive, considering Estonia is, compared to the other countries, really far south and much smaller.

Again, a really pleasant atmosphere and I learned a lot more about Estonia!

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