28.9.2019      Second meeting

Time: 10:00-12:00, two hours 

For our second meeting we wanted to meet at Suolijärvi which is a really nice lake in Hervanta. The weather was really good today so it was nice to spend the day outside and enjoy the last sunny days before the rainy and dark autumn comes.

While walking around the lake I asked how to say different things in Spanish. Later when we got home Paula sent me all these things, she taught me in a message so that I could study them again at home.


Here is picture of my notes that I wrote when I got back home. I learned for example to introduce myself and to talk about my interests and feelings.


I recommend everyone who hasn’t visited Suolijärvi yet, to go to walk around it. It’s amazing how there can be place like this so close to the center of Hervanta. 🙂

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