Second meeting with Jenni in a Finnish restaurant

Finally, second meeting comes after fall break. I was actually not able to go to fish market because of working. But today, we went to a traditional Finnish restaurant which is called Brewhouse in city center. I was really excited to go there, because this was my first time to go to local restaurant. I used to go to Asian restaurants many times but haven’t tried local one.

It was a super nice place, especially I was into the environment there. It is kind of like a bar but also offered normal meal. The style there was not so bright which is really good for talking.

I was really happy taht they have English Menu. I ordered Brewery Boy’s Chicken Parmesan which was really good. While Jenni took Chicken Skewer. Both of us liked chicken. I was really glad that we have same thought on a lot of things. We firstly shared what we did during the holiday. And we were all busy somehow, and life is pushing us forward. Besides,We talked a lot about cultures like famous singers ,table manners, etc. It is easy to see we have a lot of differences. And still, we talked laws in Finland and China, it is kind of strange but still good to know and even I was surprised by some points. It was around 2 hours for this nice meeting.

And finally, we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant next time. I am looking forward to that very much !

The second meeting -in the restaurant

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