Monthly Archives: November 2019

Fifth meeting

Our fifth meeting was at school. We worked on the triggers and we made our own business cards and a memory game. We didn’t have enough time to play it but we will next week. I learned job titles, they were really long words.

Third meeting

Our third meeting was at 24th of October. We met at Natalie’s place. She made us delicious German food called Flammkuchen. It’s like a pizza, without the tomato sauce. Later that evening went to student party called Kolmiot. We had to wait outside for a while but eventually we got in and had a great time. 

Our 5th meeting

Our fifth meeting was on 29th November. We were at school. We started to do triggers together. It was really nice and instructive. We made some memory cards, records and business cards. We meet next week because we want to play our game together.


3rd meeting in Pyynikin näkötorni

We decided to meet in Pyynikinharju for our 3rd meeting since I thought Pyynikki observation tower is a good landmark in Tampere to show to Manuel. Since winter and christmas is coming, I wanted him to taste Glögi in the cafeteria before sightseeing.

Since our first two meeting were mostly about the language, I thought this was good opportunity to know more about each other and our cultures. While we were drinking Glögi I told Manuel about our traditions in Finland and my own experiences about Christmas. I was pleased to learn that in Spain you actually eat lunch and dinner a lot later than in Finland. Manuel told they eat lunch at 3PM and dinner at 9PM which was something I didn’t know before. I started to think about this fact after I went home. When I travelled to Spain, I did notice restaurants were usually empty when I went to eat and realized it was because I ate lunch and dinner like Finnish people do, around 12PM and 6PM. Restaurants must have been emptier since locals ate lot later than I did.

After drinking Glögi and talking, we went up to the observation tower. The weather wasn’t the best but I was able to show Tampere for Manuel from the top of the tower. While taking elevator and checking the view, we also taught each other some things we saw in our languages, which was very nice and unexpected. Since Manuel said my pronunciation was good I was wondering out loud why and we realized that Spanish and Finnish enunciate alphabets in very similar ways. After this I felt more confident about learning Spanish and suddenly the language didn’t seem so hard.

I felt like I learned more now than the other day when we were just studying at UTA. Since I have visual memory I think I learn best by having the subject or target in front of me and learning the word while looking at it or doing something with it. I’d like to do something similar next time as well.

Russian German Second Meeting

The second meeting of our Russian-German group was on 26th of October. We met in the library of the TAMK again. I was in Russia the week between the meetings, so I had lots of things to tell from St. Petersburg and Moscow. We spoke about the differences between those cities and what we like about them and we spoke about the fact that I was able to read some words in Cyrillic and what the meaning of them was.

Then we continued with our first trigger. We had to draw a mind-map about our home cities. That took me a lot of time because I am not used to write that much in Cyrillic but while we did the trigger, we also had the opportunity to talk about our towns a lot. We looked the cities up in google maps, talked about the different regions around them, compared our universities and the things we like to do in our cities the most.

Russian German First Meeting

Our first meeting was on 10th of October. We met in the Library of the TAMK.

We had a nice chat about our educational backgrounds like what we are studying in Tampere or what we already know about the others language from school or family. We also talked about our home countries, hobbies and stuff. So, we had nice small talk in the beginning to get to know each other better.

The meeting turned then more into a Russian lesson as Alina taught me the Cyrillic alphabet. I learned the names and pronunciation of the letters and practiced how to write them. While that we talked a lot about Russia and Germany and I was able to help Alina with her pronunciation of some words because she already knew some vocabulary from school.

Chinese-Finnish Trigger Meeting

This time we decided to meet at school and get busy with the three triggers. Checking out the introduction video was very helpful but we still had some hard time to choose fitting triggers for us. This is going to be the last time we meet studying, next meeting will be at pre-Christmas party next week. I think this course has been very interesting and I do recommend it to anyone interested in other cultures and languages. For us this has been more of a cultural learning than lingual one, but we have gotten along well and found interesting new things. Trigger-wise we found out most of the “easiest” level triggers were from topics we had already discussed without any planning, which was fun. Getting a new friend and sharing every-day life topics is always an adventure.