Romanian – Spanish // Fifth meeting: Spanish lunch!

Date: 02/11. Participants: Cristina Dimitru, Ramona Ion, Sara Campos.

Now it was time for Ramona and Cristina to come to my place and let me cook for them. I tried to make something different than the stereotypical traditional Spanish food and decided to make something I would actually have with my family for lunch on a Saturday or any day when we have a bit more time to cook. I cooked huevos rotos con chistorra (fried egss with potatoes and spanish sausage) and for dessert I made torrijas, which is actually a very traditional dessert made with bread dipped in milk and cinnamon and then frying it. I was a bit nervous because I had never cooked this for other people but I think it came out pretty well in the end! It made me really happy to see that Cristina and Ramona seemed to like it and it reminded me of my home as well. During lunch we talked about different traditions and festivities of eachother’s countries, our plans for the next month and a half we have left in Tampere, going to University in Romania and Spain, etc. I also had the chance to teach them a few bad words in Spanish whenever I burned myslef while cooking hahaha.

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