Several languages meeting 1

Meeting 1:

The first meeting we had was to canoeing. The place we went to is near Rauhaniemi sauna. We also met some other students there. The boat we used to need to be controlled by 6 people. This is a really interesting sport. We need to control the boat together. This activity greatly tests our teamwork ability. After we went to the lakeside and barbecue there. That was a really remarkable moment. Due to the reason of we were mentioned there will have a great chance to see the Northern light that night, so we decided to wait there. Although it was quite cold, we still had a lot of fun on that day.

I practiced the basic German greeting way during the barbecue time. And I also learned some Spanish pronunciation. These two languages are both interesting and different from my mother language. I am really happy that I learned a lot from that day.   

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